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Flaming Pineapple Float {Cocktail Recipe}

Flaming Pineapple Float Cocktail Recipe

The Met’s cocktail of the week is the Flaming Pineapple Float! Special thanks to John Crean, cocktail extraordinaire and Duty Manager for adding some pizzazz and flair to turn an everyday pina colada into a Flaming Pineapple Float. 

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  • Pineapple Juice – 100ml
  • Rum – 35.5ml standard Irish Measure
  • Malibu – 35.5ml standard Irish Measure
  • A splash of Vanilla Flavoring or Vanilla Galliano
  • Fresh Cream – 35.5ml standard Irish Measure 
  • Ice

Quite simple to make, enjoy the ingredients shaken up and poured straight into a hollowed pineapple, over ice to kick off that Summer feeling. 


Pro tips:

Freeze the pineapple once carved out this will keep the cocktail nice and fresh for you to enjoy a couple of cocktails.

You can flame the rum for extra flair, but it’s just as a flourish when entertaining. Perhaps leave it to the expertise of our mixologists when we reopen as this cocktail will taste just as nice without it.


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One thought on “Flaming Pineapple Float {Cocktail Recipe}

  1. That pineapple float looks like something one must try hopefully we will be able to get down soon had planned for May but what a change stay safe

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