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Metropole Hotel Iconic Tours Cork



We can’t wait to welcome you back…

Destinations rich in world history are a traveller’s delight.  But why wait for the culturally significant tour to commence once you’ve hit the streets or have walked into the museums? When the history can actually begin at check-in.

With all going to plan, we’ll be opening our doors to you on the 13th of July 2020. We’ve been looking forward to adding that extra touch of elegance to your stay, so we are looking forward to sharing a little of the  fascinating stories behind our hotel doors.

Our team have put together a glimpse into one of Cork’s most iconic buildings and the history behind the bricks at The Metropole Hotel Cork with our new tours. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect when we re-open!


The tour begins in The Metropole’s iconic lobby where movie stars and famous figures have graced the floors since the date we first opened.

Lobby:  We’ll recount a brief opening history of the hotel, the year it opened. You’ll catch a glimpse of what life in Cork was like at the time and some of the people behind its’ industries including the now famous Musgrave family.


Cork’s sweet heart:  The tour continues through where our Leeside Leisure Centre stands today. While our now patrons invest in their health and wellbeing here, this location ironically once had sweets and sugar at it’s heart.


Mary Elmes:  From here we will walk outside together to the new Mary Elmes Bridge.  You’ll be astounded by the incredible story of Mary Elmes and why the bridge was thus named.


Harley Street:  Returning to the hotel via Harley street we will let you into a little secret as to why Harley Street is unique and some of the funniest races that were held here. While stepping back in time through the old hotel entrance where all patrons once entered.


Beckett room:  We will head to our 1st floor lobby to look at the area that once held the busiest wedding breakfast rooms in the city. You’ll laugh at the cost of a wedding back then as we share some of the most popular receipt items.


Jack Lynch Suite:  Travelling upwards we go to the Jack Lynch Suite to see where Ireland’s former Taoiseach once lay his head and share a couple of secrets from our famous guests over the years, including well known actors, poets, writers and other famous performers.


Douglas Vance:  We go to see the room named after Douglas Vance, the General Manager whose legacy includes the Cork Jazz Festival. If you have never heard of the Cork Jazz Festival, then this is where you’ll begin the love affair of a lifetime.


Basement:  From here we lead to the basement a real step back in time, once the heart of the hotel where everything from the Linen room, Wine cellar, Bakehouse and Veg house where some of Cork’s true characters once resided through their working days with some entertaining tales of staff through the years.


Last but not least: We return to The Met bar where we will reminisce of a time gone by when the Metropole Hotel was a dry hotel, where our mixologists now await to whip a cocktail for your tastes.

We look forward to meeting you all.

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