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Intimate Weddings – The New Normal

Intimate Weddings – The New Normal

While we find ourselves in and out of lockdown the one thing that remains consistent is the eagerness to go ahead with weddings and the new normal that is: An Intimate Wedding. While we often think of weddings as lavish & large parties, there is no reason the excitement can not be brought into an intimate wedding setting.

Adapting to this as a Wedding Planner for The Metropole Hotel has proved in all aspects of hospitality and weddings; we are very open to change and diversity. More & more we are seeing our clients are reaping the benefits of having a smaller & more close-knit wedding.

So, what tips can I offer couples opting for an intimate wedding?

1. Have everything in the venue

It is a beautiful process to have the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception in the same venue so as soon as you all arrive to the venue you have the support of your wedding planner and their team to ensure all runs beautifully for you.


2. The dream can still come through

Many couples love the idea of a ballroom setting for their wedding but are afraid of the idea of emptiness during their small wedding. Wedding venues are so versatile so you can make your large venue look very intimate, so if the dream is the ballroom then have the ballroom! Your wedding planner can advise how this can be done in many different ways.


3. Go all out!

As you will now have a bigger budget to spend on your intimate day use the budget for fun transport to the hotel, personalised table setting & favours, the beautiful fresh flowers you have always wanted, the wonderful menu you want on the day and an open bar.


4. The party doesn’t stop

We’ve seen over the last few years the popularity of having a get together the day after the wedding as well as a reception. Use this idea & opportunity to have an intimate wedding reception this year and a large celebration event on your one-year anniversary. With lockdowns keeping us away from one another, your guests will be grateful to have something to look forward to in the future!


5. All in this together

While it can be disappointing to couples to not have close family & friends at the wedding, it does not mean they cannot take part in your special day. Send save the date for the guests you cannot have attend for the follow years large celebration to let them feel very much a part of it and Invite your extended family and friends that cannot be there on the day virtually and let them be part of your special day.


6. Embrace the intimacy

Having an intimate wedding allows couples to focus on small details that mean a lot to them. Ask your wedding planner about ideas for this, remember nothing is impossible! For example, infuse your love story into your special day! Here are a few ideas –

  • Have fun with table numbers – where you first met Table 1 // where you went on your first day – Table 2 // where you had your first kiss – Table 3 // where you got engaged
  • Create a signature cocktail for your guests to sip on
  • Handwritten thank you cards to each person at your wedding can be a sentimental touch


To end, for wedding planners, it is now more important than ever to engage with your wedding couples and build a trust and rapport with them as the idea for their big day has now changed dramatically. Lots of couples had spent months & years planning their perfect day and it is essential that can be delivered despite the downsizing!


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