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Culture Edit | Play It By Ear

Culture Edit | Play It By Ear

In this month’s Culture Edit, we recommend a virtual trip to the theatre withThe Everyman Cork. Enjoy a slice of theatre at home with their brand new MADE IN CORK: PLAY IT BY EAR series 

If you are missing the glamour and atmosphere, recreate it at home this month with a series of recordings, exclusive to The Everyman, for you to enjoy at home. The Made in Cork: Play It by Ear programme includes 9 audio broadcasts available to access for the month of March.

Each rehearsed reading in Made in Cork: Play It by Ear has been chosen for its distinctly Cork flavour, acknowledging and celebrating the wealth of creative talent Cork is privileged to hold. Written by Cork writers, performed by Cork actors, and of Cork; each of the rehearsed readings were originally streamed live and recorded from The Everyman in Cork, from October through to December 2020, as part of Play It by Ear, a programme of live audio broadcasts.

Made in Cork: Play It by Ear Rehearsed Readings tickets are just €18 and offer access to the full audio streamed collection of nine rehearsed readings for the month of March, over 11hrs of pure theatre.  

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TICKETS €18 for all 9 shows



MARION by Katie Holly – Presented by The Everyman

Twenty-something Marion has just realised, all of a sudden, that she’s a grown-up; in love, life, the 12 pubs of Christmas, not forgetting the on-going stream of ‘advice’ in her head from well-meaning friends and family. Sit back and expect a riot of laughs.

THE FOUR FACED LIAR by Ger FitzGibbon – Presented by The Everyman

Under the Four-Faced Liar it is 3 am… The iron tongue of Shandon Steeple is silent now and the great clocks on its four faces merely click and cluck and grumble quietly as they haggle amongst themselves. This rehearsed reading of The Four Faced Liar will make you look again at this quirky city and some of its inhabitants.


LEX TALIONIS (A TALE OF VENGEANCE & FEATHERS) by Liam Heylin – Presented by The Everyman in Association with Wandering Star

From the seriously funny Liam Heylin (Love, Peace and Robbery, Hung Juror), comes a play about savage craic on the streets of Cork, and vengeance. That’s what the weird Latin title means – the law of retaliation, an eye for an eye, like.

THE MISFIT MYTHOLOGY by Irene Kelleher – Presented by The Everyman and Mighty Oak Productions

Ireland, 1990 – Oisín and Gráinne anticipate their final year celebrations. As they sweat out their frustrations to the sounds of MC Hammer and INXS, the party intensifies. Someone goes missing. And only a diary is found. The play will bring you on a nostalgic journey through small town Ireland in the 1990s, where every town has its secrets.

THE HERD by John McCarthy – Presented by The Everyman

The last cow of an infamously dangerous herd lies dead in Tess’s front room. Soon the entire community is fixed on properly waking the animals that held them in thrall for generations.

This big-hearted ode to family and relationships — and death and butchery — explores a world on the cusp of change.

TWO LORD MAYORS by James McKeon and Patrick Talbot – Presented by The Everyman, in Association with Patrick Talbot Productions

Two Lord Mayors is a new play inspired by the extraordinary events in the city of Cork in 1920 and two men at the centre of those events: Lord Mayor Tomás MacCurtain and Lord Mayor Terence MacSwiney.

SECOND CITY TRILOGY: THE CURE by Conal Creedon – Presented by The Everyman, in Association with Irishtown Productions

The trilogy comprises of three stage plays conceived as a tragicomic exploration of various father-son relationships, set against the social, historical and topographical background of Cork City.

In times of personal crisis, either a cure or a miracle may be required to turn a life around. Our anti-hero is incapable of confronting and dealing with several personal issues – a recurring theme in his life.

SECOND CITY TRILOGY: WHEN I WAS GOD by Conal Creedon – Presented by The Everyman, in Association with Irishtown Productions

It’s FAI Cup Final day. Referee Dino Keegan is retiring from the game. At half-time the spotlight of self-doubt shines directly down on Dino as the ghosts of his past visit him in his dressing room.

SECOND CITY TRILOGY: AFTER LUKE by Conal Creedon – Presented by The Everyman, in Association with Irishtown Productions

Inspired by the parable of the Prodigal Son, in St. Luke’s Gospel, After Luke explores greed-driven frenzy surrounding the property market at the height of the Celtic Tiger economy.






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