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Celebrating 100 Years Charlie Chaplin style in Cork

Celebrating 100 Years Charlie Chaplin style in Cork

Sheila McCarthy from Gardiners Hill in Cork celebrating her 100th birthday with a special nod to Hollywood legend Charlie Chaplin.


Sheila’s father Cornelius McCarthy was the first concierge at The Metropole Hotel and worked there from 1902 to 1946. Among the many stars that her father welcomed was comic actor Charlie Chaplin. He retired from his position at the Metropole Hotel 75 years ago. Our very own General Manager at The Metropole Hotel, Roger Russell delivered afternoon tea to Sheila to celebrate.


Sheila says: “My father always spoke so fondly of his time working at The Metropole. It was a big part of his life and he shared lots of wonderful memories from that time with us all. I have a photograph of him and Charlie Chaplin, one of the many stars he met, standing in front of the main door of the hotel and it’s something that my family and I will always treasure.”



Roger Russell, the General Manager of the Metropole Hotel said: “We were delighted to visit Sheila on such a special day as she turns 100. Sheila and her family are very special to us here at the Metropole Hotel as her father was the very first concierge at the hotel. Sheila is a remarkable lady and we are so grateful to her for sharing her stories of the Metropole Hotel. We will be celebrating ourselves soon when we turn 124 years old this month.”


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