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Can You Do This Cork Victorian Quarter Quiz?


Calling all quizmasters! Are you running out of online quiz ideas? Well round up the troops, save the questions below and complete the ultimate Cork Victorian Quarter Quiz! You don’t need to know the area in advance, but you will need access to the internet to Google the answers on the Victorian Quarter site, and the businesses’ individual websites.

Good luck and enjoy!

  1. Rory Mc Gee entered the Guinness book of records for what ?
  2. Valencia Football club was ready to set a new junior programme with which Victorian Quarter business?
  3. In what category did the Victorian Quarter come runners up in the Bank of Ireland National Enterprise Town Awards in 2019?
  4. What was the name of the late Mary Elmes son who officially opened the bridge in her honour in September 2019?
  5. A tug of war competition took place between Victorian Quarter trader and what other traders association in 2019?
  6. In what date did the Metropole hotel first open its doors?
  7. What is the seating capacity in the Everyman palace theatre?
  8. What was Thompsons bakery’s trademark product in the 1960’s
  9. Number 45 MacCurtain street is home to whose wife?
  10. What is the phone number for City Limits in Coburg Street?
  11. What is the best email to contact the Ashley Hotel in Coburg Street?
  12. What business is situated in Broadcasting house on St. Patricks Place?
  13. In what year was Spice Route on MacCurtain established?
  14. What is the name of the business operating on Drumbar house on MacCurtain street?
  15. What is the phone number to contact the Irish girl guides on the Victorian Quarter?
  16. What licence did the Metropole Hotel operate without for the first 59 years of business?
  17. What was the name of the music shop on MacCurtain Street where Rory Gallagher bought his first guitar?
  18. How many guitars can be found over Son of a bun on MacCurtain Street?
  19. What is the Ethos of De Mirco Osteria Italian restaurant in the Victorian Quarter?
  20. What kind of Food can you find at 38 MacCurtain Street Cork?
  21. What business is now operating on The Coliseum Corner on MacCurtain Street?
  22. In what year did the Cork Baptist church open in MacCurtain Street?
  23. What was the original name of the now Everyman Theatre when it opened in 1897?
  24. Who wrote the short story “The First confession” based on his visit to his local church St. Patricks Church on Lower Glanmire Road?
  25. What was the Coliseum Corner named after?
  26. In what year is it reputed that Edward VII had tea in the Metropole Hotel?
  27. What was the original name given to Kent Railway Station?
  28. How old was Tomas MacCurtain when he died?
  29. Who is the chef in newly opened Glass Curtain on MacCurtain Street?
  30. How many flags are flying outside the Metropole Hotel?
  31. Who founded and operated Hadji Bey ET Cie shop in 1903?
  32. What business operates from 5A MacCurtain Street?
  33. In what consecutive years did the Shelbourne Bar on MacCurtain Street win Whiskey bar of the year?
  34. What is the phone number for Sultan Delights on MacCurtain Street?
  35. Who are the current owners of The Cork Arms on MacCurtain Street?
  36. Who is the current General Manager of The Metropole Hotel?
  37. What famous business operates from 3 Bridge Street in The Victorian Quarter?
  38. What can they offer me in 9 Bridge Street?
  39. What is the best email for the Bridge bar on Bridge street?
  40. What could they do for me in 48B MacCurtain Street?
  41. In what year did Gallagher’s Gastropub win the Cork Business Association VFI Pub of the year?
  42. When did Tara’s Tea rooms open on MacCurtain street?
  43. What would I be ordering if I were to go to 39 MacCurtain street?
  44. In what year did the Sin E pub on Coburg street first open its doors?
  45. What is the phone number for Spar on MacCurtain Street?
  46. What was the unusual request by British actress Dawn Addams while she was staying in The Metropole Hotel?
  47. How can you book a corporate event at the Macau casino complex?
  48. In which category did Greens win an award with Yes Chef Ireland awards in 2020
  49. From what cathedral do Dan Lowry’s Tavern on MacCurtain Street have windows from?
  50. Who was the Architect who designed The Metropole Hotel?




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