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Young Offenders Tour of Cork

7 must-see Young Offenders filming locations

Fan of the movie and TV series? Here are 7 must see Young Offenders filming locations in Cork to follow in the footsteps of Conor & Jock.

1. Carey’s Lane, Cork city

One of the most well-known Young Offenders scenes, this dance was filmed in Carey’s Lane. This lane is also home to some lovely Cork restaurants where you can pop for a bite to eat after burning off the calories with a tik tok dance of your own. Enjoy Dukes Coffee, Koto, Café Mexicana, Ramen and more.

2. Bell’s Field

The bench where Conor and Jock have shared many sweet moments happens to be in Bell’s Field in Cork’s Northside. This park has fantastic views of the city, especially of Shandon Bells, another fantastic Cork tourist attraction.

3. The Coal Quay

Conor & Jock are often filmed with their co-stars in the Coal Quay, in the heart of the city. When not being used as a filming set, it is home to a fantastic meetup and food market on Saturday mornings with local suppliers and producers selling their wares.

4. St Finbarr’s Cemetery

One of the most loved episodes from the series, this was the location for the iconic scene where the boys sang a duet of U2’s With or Without You with their love interests. The Cemetery is also one of the oldest cemeteries in Ireland and is the final resting place of some of Ireland’s well known figures including Jack Lynch. St. Finbarr’s contains one of the largest burial plots of Irish Republicans who died in the course of the struggle for Irish freedom including Terence Mc Swiney and Tomas Mac Curtain.

5. The English Market

Famously known in Cork, this is where K O’Connell fishmongers is located (where Conor’s mam Mairead works). Conor & jock have also featured behind the counter in recent tv episodes. Aside from seeing the fishmongers in real life and the poster signed by all the cast, this market is a fantastic place to visit, especially to pick up treats and goodies or to explore new flavours and foods for your cooking.

6. The Shakey Bridge

Formerly called Daly’s Bridge and renowned mostly for its shaky instability, this pedestrian bridge connects Sunday’s Well to Fitzgerald Park. Conor and Jock famously stripped down and jumped from this bridge, however, we really do not recommend this. We encourage you instead to enjoy crossing the recently restored bridge, taking in the views of the Lee from a safe distance before strolling around the adjacent Fitzgerald Park, or visit the nearby Cork City Gaol instead.

7. St Patrick’s Hill

One of the steepest hills in Cork, you may have spotted this in the original movie. Walking down the hill is certainly easier than walking up it! At the top, you will be rewarded with lovely views of the beginning of Patrick Street, Cork’s primary shopping district and when at the bottom you can indulge in some retail therapy, or stroll around the fantastic Victorian Quarter, and pop into our hotel, The Metropole Hotel Cork for a bite to eat.

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